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Have You Considered What Is Required Of You?

Counting the Cost is Wise but Not Always Fun

We are 13 days into 2023, so I thought I should have a sobering chat because God had one with me recently. In December, God revealed that 2023 would be a Jordan year for many. By Jordan, I'm referring to Michael Jordan. If you haven't already, you should check out Jordan's Legendary Free Throw Line Dunk because that's the image God brought before me. I was excited. God let me know that we were about to take unprecedented leaps. Finally, we would be moving from the back to the front. Finally.

I was excited until I wasn't.

A few days ago, God brought that 2023 word back around, but it wasn't why I thought. He started to speak to me about endurance. Specifically, endurance for the next three years. While I don't know what's coming down the pipeline for me or the world soon, I know something is coming. And because something is coming, God has started preparing.

Long story short, elevation will require more out of you. It will require that you update. It will demand that you change even if your systems are working. Yes, they are working now but will they work later?

Here are a few ways I've been preparing for my Jordan year.

Tip #1 - Consecration

While I spend time with God regularly, He's been clear that I need to spend more time in His presence. I'm unsure why He's instructing me, but I will obey because He issued the instruction. Let me be clear, sometimes spending more time in God's presence seems like an inconvenience, but He's never not made up the time. I often leave His presence with strategy or insight that's needed.

Tip #2 - Eating Differently

I eat relatively clean, but God has instructed me to decrease my food intake hours. This means I have to plan my meals and what I consume strategically. I'm sure you know that food affects your mood, so it's best to eat for the future. So how does this look for me? I replace one meal with a smoothie and eat my first meal later in the day.

Since I've been doing this, my appetite has increased significantly but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Tip #3 - Shift Workout Focus