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My purpose is to help recognize the significance and indispensable value of your unique ideas. You are not defined by your past experiences or the circumstances of your birth; you are so much more. You embody inspiration, love, power, and authority.

Believer  •  Professor  •  Author  •  Scholar  •  Philanthropist  •  Kingdom Builder

Growing up in a single-parent home eroded my confidence and quietly chipped away at my sense of self, and for a significant part of my life, I viewed the world through a distorted lens, yearning to wake up in someone else’s story. Little did I know, I was trading something infinitely more precious for the fleeting approval of my peers. I was trading my identity.

My Identity Story

Why this Matters

I empathize with the absence of a guiding mentor. I’ve experienced the isolation that often accompanies being the trailblazer, grappling with the frustration of being misunderstood. However, I’ve also savored the elation that washes over when positive transformation takes root. Like you, I’m on a perpetual journey of building my life, a dynamic process marked by daily self-discovery. Remember, “becoming” is not a solitary moment—it’s a continuous, unfolding journey.

The Classroom Experience

While it’s often said that “school isn’t for everyone,” it’s crucial to recognize that we are all enrolled in life’s classroom. The question is, which classroom are you in?


Embracing a lifelong journey in the realm of education has been my constant. For over two decades, I’ve been a dedicated student, traversing diverse learning landscapes in both the school of life and academia. This prolonged immersion has honed my ability to adapt to various teaching styles, preferences, and ideologies. Remember, continuous learning isn’t just a choice; it’s the lifeblood of personal and spiritual growth. In this pursuit, I wholeheartedly encourage you to remain in the classroom.

Why this Matters

My teaching philosophy shapes the foundation of my signature programs. Prioritizing the well-being of each individual, I approach coaching and mentoring with unwavering respect, deep honor, and boundless enthusiasm. 


I’m a writer shaped by both innate passion and formal training. My writing journey began with youthful attempts at storytelling and journaling, leading me to discover my true calling as a different kind of writer. As a scholar, my work spans journal articles and book chapters, covering diverse topics, from literature and digital projects to social issues. 


My publishing journey culminated in my first book, Woman of Royalty: Rule from a Place of Authority in 2018. It’s a guide to help women find their identity in Christ, offering ten practical steps and drawing inspiration from the story of Esther. Since then, I’ve authored over seven eBooks that are  dedicated to empowering others on their unique journeys, which are available in my shop. 

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