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How To Get Everything Done And Not Feel Exhausted

5 Tips For Overachievers Who Often Feel Like They Are Drowning

I hope the gif above doesn't describe you, but it probably does if you're reading this post. To be clear, I'm not judging you; I'm concerned.

2020 taught us many things, but one thing it taught me was the power and importance of slowing down. It showed me why I shouldn't pack my calendar full of things I'll only complain about later. Next, it showed me just how important relationships genuinely are. Finally, it showed me how important my mental health is.

Slowing down seems impossible until the earth or your body decides for you. Among other things, that's what 2020 did for us. It showed us that certain behaviors needed to stop. It showed us where we were weak. It challenged us to take inventory of the here and now, which was tough. It's still tough.

Unfortunately, I went back to business as usual as soon as the restrictions were lifted. I went back to devaluing my body, sidelining my relationships, and packing my calendar with tasks I'd only complain about later.

It's fair to say that I didn't learn my lesson in 2020 because I defaulted to my previous ways, but this year I decided to keep those experiences close and choose from a place of wisdom.

In a previous post, I shared why I don't have 2023 goals. I then followed up with a live teaching expanding on my thought process and what I really wanted for my life. I'm only a few days in with implementing my new 2023 strategy but I've already noticed some positive changes, like the fact that I still have energy when I go to bed.

Check out a few tips below:

#1: Time Management is A Myth

Time management is a myth, and if you've been trying to manage something you don't have control over, that could explain a lot. Your time and your times are in God's hands (Psalm 31:15). He controls time, not you, so set the burden down now. Time ticks on whether we like it or not. Night comes, morning comes, and weekends fade quickly. If this is so, why do you think you can manage time? You've been condi