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Whiteside Publishing is an independent publishing company that specializes in the production of Christian and self-help books.

Welcome Future Author!

Hi there, welcome to Whiteside Publishing.

Take a look round to see if our company might suit your needs.

I'm looking forward to working with you.

-Briana, CEO of Whiteside Publishing



Not many people can profess to have a PhD in English and own a publishing company. What gives Whiteside Publishing a unique edge is that clients will work directly with Dr. Briana Whiteside. As a college professor, author, and published academic, Dr. Whiteside will use universal writing techniques to ensure that clients receive a higher-education level experience at a fraction of the cost.

Our Brief Story and What

Makes Us Unique

Whiteside Publishing was established for two reasons: 

To give aspiring authors access to an affordable publishing house in an effort to help actualize their writing desires.  With our company, you are guaranteed quality and timely editing and publishing services, and you keep your royalties.

To serve as a bridge between academia and writing. At Whiteside Publishing, we understand that not everyone has had access to education, so we pay it forward by teaching you everything we've learned to make you a world renowned author. 

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Dr. Briana Whiteside is a joy to work with. She made publishing my first book a seamless process. I had her support 1000% of the way. As my editor, formatter, and publisher she navigated me the publishing process with no hiccups. Her professionalism and expertise were greatly appreciated as I had many questions due to this being my first piece. I would refer her services to anyone looking to publish a literary work.

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I was having issues getting my thesis done for my master’s program. I was connected with Dr. Briana Whiteside through a mutual friend. She offered insight and guidance concerning my thesis. I took her advice and was instantly approved for graduation, upon submitting my revised thesis. Crossing paths with Dr. Whiteside may have been one of the best things that ever happened to me.

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Briana is amazing! I enjoy working with her and will continue to work with her in the future. She was available to be a beta reader for my manuscript and did an amazing job in such a timely manner. She ensured my sentence structure was in tact and my script was readable. Having your work critiqued can be difficult, yet I was grateful knowing she is an expert and she had prior knowledge of the topic I covered. Thank you Briana! I’d recommend you to anyone.

jones headshot.jpg


Whiteside Publishing delivered! It was a privilege and a pleasure working with Briana. Not only did Briana help me publish my project, but she made me feel like a priority during the process. I felt important to her, and my book was important to her. She was professional and personable which made me more comfortable with sharing. Thank you, Dr. Briana Whiteside for making my dream a reality.

Briana is an amazing support system for writing. She is very timely and thoughtful in her support. Briana has a unique ability to help you think through writing challenges in a very systematic way. I felt empowered after my first session.




From the moment I connected with Briana, I felt that we had been knowing each

other for years. Having Whiteside Publishing on this journey of publishing

my first book has been incredible. The attention to detail, the communication, the

encouragement and most importantly the prayers that Dr. Whiteside has provided can't be duplicated anywhere else. Because of her service, my book has exceeded my expectations

and is ready for the world. 


What We Do In A Snap












It is one thing to have a vision in your head, it's another to explain to a stranger. Briana makes the whole process a lot more comfortable with her energy and welcoming smile. She will point out weaknesses and strengths that you might not have considered otherwise, asked the difficult questions that you knew were there but decided to avoid. During our consultation, Briana showed me the full cycle of my vision from when it started and where it can go - followed up with plans and strategies to get there. With her knowledge and amazing personality, Briana gave me the extra push I needed to believe in my business.



Dr. Whiteside was able to give me applicable steps and helpful resources to make my business flow better. Having her set eyes on my vision and give me insight on areas that I was overlooking gave me the tools I needed to set my business goals for the first half of the year. If you are looking for someone to help you define your areas of focus, provide you tools/tips for growth, and help develop an effective social media strategy, book Dr. Briana Whiteside. 

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Dr. Whiteside supplied valuable, insightful information about how to put my ideas, vision, and purpose in motion for a book relaunch in my consultation. Her attention to detail was superb and her level of professionalism was beyond compare. While her expertise is clear, Dr. Whiteside’s encouraging, warm personality and aura were the highlights of the experience!

A Breakdown of Services


The written text has survived to provide evidence of cultural shifts, social and political movements, document history, and predict the future. Therefore, there is nothing more powerful than leaving evidence of your existence on the earth.


Every great thing that has been sustained over time began with the idea that grew into a vision. Just as a concept can transform into a vision, you can grow into an author. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a great writer to write a book, but you do need the write coach. (Did you catch that wordplay?) 


Seriously, I’d love the opportunity to help you turn your vision into a legacy.



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 The 2-hour Mastermind Think Tank is designed to help visionaries and entrepreneurs create systems and structures around their ideas. It is one thing to have a vision, but it is another to effectively materialize it. 

In the Mastermind Think Tank, I work one-on-one with clients to hone their ideas, strategize, and create methods for marketing their products/services to potential clients. 


Have you ever strategized with a futurist? 

Document Editing:

If English has never been your favorite subject and you need someone to proof a paper, email, or website copy then this is for you. There is nothing wrong with allowing a new set of eyes to look over your document to catch minor mistakes or improper sentence constructions. It is important to put your best foot forward.

Book Editing:

If you have already penned your book and would like our team to help shape it into a concise and clear manuscript then this option is for you. If Whiteside Publishing edits your book, you don't have to publish with us unless you'd like to. Our editors are happy to assist with line-by-line editing as well as developmental. 

Publish with Us:

If you'd like us to edit (line-by-line and developmental), format, design your book cover, and prepare your manuscript for a broader audience then this option is for you. At Whiteside Publishing, we understand how daunting it can be to make your dream a reality, so allow us to carry the load. You submit your manuscript and we will do the rest. 


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Make Your Needs Known:

Perhaps you would only like assistance with a few things. Please select from the options below:

  • Formatting

  • Line-by-line editing

  • Developmental editing

  • Book design

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