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What If You Already Missed It?

And Threatening to Miss the Next One

The problem is that we've been socialized to ignore the minor and only look for God's "major" moves in our lives. While the major is more glamorous, it is not more important than the minor. In fact, the minor moments in our lives are the most significant.

Yes, we all want to see God move drastically in our lives.

Yes, we want to see miracles, signs, and wonders.

Yes, we want to witness a magnificent performance of the things concerning us.

But what if we are missing the moments that really make the grand as big as it is?

More times than not, the things we deem insignificant hold the most weight. It is the day-to-day that we should be paying attention to. It is the fleeting thoughts. It is the ideas that seem frivolous. The seeds are already in our hands, waiting for direction.

When we pray for strategy, we must remember that God answers in a seed. The seed might not match what you prayed for, but if you plant it and water it, it will grow into the answer.

I've seen this happen more times than not in my own life, and every time a seed blossoms, I wonder, "what if I didn't steward this while it was in seed form?" What if I didn't recognize God's strategy and dismissed it? Where would I be?

Short answer: you wouldn't be reading this post.

I say all that to say it's not that God isn't answering you or that He doesn't want you to prosper (because He does); it might be because you haven't recognized the answer as such. Your answer, more times than not, comes to you in seed form.

What have you done with your seeds?


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