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What Do You Want? Because It's Not Time to Drift

Hey friend,

Happy Monday!

This morning I released a video encouraging people to focus on today's success. While it might seem easy for many, it's not because we've been conditioned to cast ourselves into the future.

While I'm not saying that vision casting is problematic, I am saying that sometimes it steals the joy of today. When we vision cast without daily, intentional focus, we risk giving way to anxiety, fatigue, and depression.

As a futurist, I've found it more challenging to focus on the present than on the future. I don't know how that works because I have to manage the now to reach the intended end. However, I've noticed that it wasn't the day-to-day that stressed me; it was the future.

How is this going to happen?

What will need to happen for me to make it?

Who should I tell?

Who can help me?

Can anyone help me?

Will I have to brave this alone?

Am I afraid of the future?

What will this cost me?

"My times