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The Dangers of Miracle Dependency

We've gotten too comfortable with being beggars.

Full stop.

Unfortunately, we've been socialized to beg for blessings without clarity on what to do next. We haven't been taught how to live out the blessing and how to use strategy to continue elevating in life. While I'm not criticizing anyone for needing a blessing, I am critiquing our lack of stewardship and strategy.

Let's think about it this way:

Say, for instance, you have an emergency and go to God in panic. God, in His mercy, gives you a way out.

What's the next move?

Can you think of one? You might say, "Briana, I'd give thanks and tell my testimony." Ok cool, but then what?

Here is another scenario: What if you have a health problem arise and are in need of a miracle. What are your next steps as after you ask God for a miracle? Will you just say, "I'm believing God will heal me?" Or will you do your part? Will you change your eating? Will you workout?

What. Are. Your. Next. Steps?

Because the steps are yours to take. Will you go back to business as usual, or will you learn from the moment (if it's in your control) and work to implement life strategies to ensure you're no longer at the mercy of needing a miracle?

To be clear, I think miracles are amazing, and I'm waiting on a few myself, but what if God doesn't want you to depend on the miracle lottery system? What if He wants you to work the Biblical principles of increase to ensure you'll always come out on top?

Miracles are like the lottery. Everyone puts in their requests (or money if you play the real lottery) and Heaven (the system) then decides who will get their needs answered (pick the winning number).

Ultimately, there are no guarantees that your name (or lottery number) will be chosen, so we shouldn't build our lives around the system. If you played the lottery in real life, would you quit your job just because you bought a lottery ticket? No, you'd keep working your job and hope that your number is the winning number.

Of course, we should be open to receiving miracles if God decides to bless us, but we shouldn't be so dependent on them. God wants us to be mature Believers. He wants us to implement the life strategies that He's given us to ensure that we dominate in life. However, only some of us demonstrate that we are trustworthy and ready for more.

Which category will you be in this year?


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