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"Running with Footmen": How Jeremiah Teaches Us to Endure Weariness and Find Strength in God

Dear Friend

I don't know about you, but weariness is trying to kick in.

Here's how the Bible defines weariness: to be weak, to fail in heart, to be utterly (absolute or extreme degree) spiritless

Here's how culture defines weariness: exhausted in strength, endurance, vigor, or freshness; having one's patience, tolerance, or pleasure exhausted.

A few days ago, I was talking to my mother about a few frustrations that I have and the weariness associated. During our conversation, she quoted the beginning of Zechariah 4:10

“Who dares despise the day of small things,"

My follow-up to her was, "Well, how long is the day?" We both laughed at my response, but the sentiment was clear. I was tired. I was tired of fighting my way through. I was tired of the counterattacks. I was tired of seeing everyone get their needs met instead of me.

Indeed, that is a difficult place to be in, and it is one I know all too well, but one thing is for certain, and two things are for sure: if you can't survive on this level, you'll never thrive on the next.

Last week, I taught on Jeremiah 12 at the end of the Halfway Point message. In that specific chapter, Jeremiah is lamenting to God about his enemies. He tells God that he doesn't feel like He is just toward him precisely because God doesn't appear to be punishing folks that don't serve Him. This goes on for four verses, and in verse 5, God fascinatingly answers him.

The Lord replied to me: If racing with mere men—these men of Anathoth—has wearied you, how will you race against horses, against the king, his court, and all his evil priests? If you stumble and fall on open ground, what will you do in Jordan’s jungles? (Jeremiah 12:5, TLB)

God's response to Jeremiah lets me know that there are levels to this thing. If you're tired on this level, how do you expect to win the war on the next level? If you are complaining about the warfare against mere (average) men, how will you win against the horses with an advantage over you? What about the evil king, his crew, and the evil priests?

I say all this to say this season prepares you for the next. The battles you're fighting right now are to ensure that you have the strength to win the war on the next level. I know, it's not pretty, but how badly do you want to win?

But remember, when you win on this level, your reward is being able to fight on the next level.

Let us not grow weary or become discouraged in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap, if we do not give in. (Zechariah 4:10)

If you missed the part of the teaching where I walk through Jeremiah, then check it out below.

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