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Prophetic Insight into 2024

Dear Friend,

I was cleaning my apartment when God shared the revelation of 2024 with me but before I share this, I must give you context. Let's run the last two years back Juvenile style...

2022 was the year of man. 2+0+2+2=6. Six is the Biblical number of man. If you experienced difficulty in 2022 like me, it was because God was dealing with you. He was deconstructing your ways, sharpening your senses, dealing with your desires, and slapping the taste out of your mouth. Yet, God, in His sovereignty, was issuing you an invitation to become great.

Unfortunately, we like to romanticize greatness and what it takes to become great, but if we study the greats in history, we see their journeys were anything but easy. When God issued the invitation for you to emerge in greatness, and you accepted, you also accepted His invitation to break you. While you may not have known you accepted His invitation to break and mold you, you did because your future comes with a price. In 2022, if you were faithful (not perfect), you were cleared to move to the next step, 2023.

2023 was the year of completion. 2+0+2+3=7. Seven is the Biblical number of completion. In my mind, completion should be met with celebration and congratulatory messages, but 2023 was a challenging year for many of us, yet it was still a year of completion.

In a previous blog, I explained that God revealed that He was dealing with foundations and altars speaking against your destiny. Due to the violent confrontation, you felt the blowback. You felt the war. You felt the pain, but you endured. For many of us, God completed the familial narrative we were born into. Some of us are of the third and fourth generations of those who worked against God, and God was bringing those generational consequences to an end—a completion.

I hope you realize that completing things is a bloody job. Consider Jesus, who was bloody and bruised when He said, "It is finished" (John 19:30). Completion is not always pretty. Completion will be met with resistance. Completion, as you know, is a God-sized job. Last year, God broke and rebuilt those foundations that were faulty so that you would be able to advance in 2024.

2024 is the year of new beginnings. 2+0+2+4=8. Eight is the Biblical number of new beginnings. Since God deconstructed you in 2022 and broke faulty foundations in 2023, you're all clear for Him to begin anew. You are the beginning of a new familial chapter in the book of your family. Because you endured God's breaking, molding, and crafting, you'll begin to see the benefits this year. Notice I didn't say the finished product, though.

Beginnings need nurturing. Beginnings need protection. Beginnings need God. In this new year, I sense prophetically that God is teaching you to walk with Him. As I write this, I see a baby with hard bottom shoes on and a parent standing behind them holding up their arms. I sense this is a new season for you, but it won't be easy. However, the good news is that you're now positioned to enter the Kingdom.

You've never been this way before.

You've never heard of the things you're about to experience.

You are standing on a brand-new foundation, and God is trusting you with how this new chapter unfolds.

Will your third and fourth generations experience the blessings of your sacrifice?

Congratulations, you're now being trusted with more responsibility. You're being trusted with how the lineage will take shape. You must not take this responsibility lightly, though. A lot is riding on you and your decisions this year.

Decide well.

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Jan 18

I loved this one so much. So much revelation. 2022 hog tied me down a dirt rocky road. 2023 was the yr I got evicted, had to leave my children with their father while I came home to heal old wound 🥴🥴🥴. Please untie me 🫠🫠🫠. I’m sure it all has purpos.

Dr. Bri
Dr. Bri
Apr 14
Replying to

Wow. We hope this year has started bringing those blessings for you!


This prophetic word was for me. I thank God that I came across your you tube channel in 2021. I thank God for your obedience to him, for teaching us the word of God. When I read my Bible things are becoming clear to me, I have a better understanding of the word of God since I started following your teachings.

God thank you for Briana. Thank you, God For her obedience to you. God please continue to cover, keep, and bless Briana Whiteside And her family. Amen

Dr. Bri
Dr. Bri
Apr 14
Replying to

Wow! Thank you so much for your encouraging and inspiring comment!

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