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How to Step Through the Open Door

To step into the open door, you must answer the call to greatness.

Dear Friend,

As we prepare for a new month, I want to write to you about something practical. If the prophets have declared that 2024 is the year of the open door(s), do you know how to step into those doors? Do you honestly know how to receive what God has for you? Do you know how to reach the land called "there?"

As I've been sitting with God, He's been revealing to me why so many of His people are stuck and stagnant in their lives despite Jesus' sacrifice for them. I don't believe God wants us to be last in any arena He's called us to. I don't think He wants us to experience long periods of lack. I don't believe He saved you to make you suffer. While there are seasons of suffering and pruning because it rains on the just and the unjust, you should not be in a perpetual state of lack, poverty, and hardship.

Here's how to go from seeing the open door to walking along the proper path to entering and receiving the promise behind the door. Fascinatingly, it's all found in two Scriptures:

A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great. Proverbs 18:16 NIV

You must use your gifts to make it to the time-sensitive open door. God gave each of us gifts to make our lives easier on earth; however, many of us prefer to bury them. While we can blame this decision on various factors, the truth is that you are the only one responsible. Each time you decide not to use the gifts given to you freely, you refuse to move closer to the open door.

No step is insignificant.

No gift that God has given is small.

While it may be in seed form, it does have the potential to grow. Remember, you were once a seed, and with time and intentionality, you were kept alive and grew to be an adult. The same is true for your gift. If you don't begin to use it, you will stunt your growth and frustrate your destiny.

There is greatness behind this year's open doors, but you must use your gifts to cross the threshold.

Do you see a man skillful and experienced in his work? He will stand [in honor] before kings; He will not stand before obscure men. Proverbs 22:29 AMP

Proverbs 22:29 reminds us of the importance of playing our positions. While God did the work to open the door and ensured that your gift was good enough to get you over its threshold, the rest is up to you. While the amplified version uses "skillful," the KJV uses "diligent," which translates to "quick, prompt, skilled, and ready." These definitions should instantly remind us of Ecclesiastes 9:11, which states that we all have access to time and chance.

Why is this pairing important? Well, since you must use your gifts to discover the path to the open door, and God gave you gifts to ensure you're capable of crossing the threshold, and God grants you time to nurture those gifts so that when time and chance intersect you're ready and considered skillful, then this means that the ownest is on you.

God has done His part.

Jesus has done His part.

Holy Spirit is doing His part.

What about you?

Essentially, whether you step into the open doors this season is a matter of you using your gifts in the absence of applause. Because if you wait for the applause, you'll die when it never comes, and you'll delay another generation.

And wouldn't that be awful?

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It’s that last paragraph for me 😩

Dr. Bri
Dr. Bri
Apr 14
Replying to

Whew! So true!


Ouch! This is on point with where I am now!

Dr. Bri
Dr. Bri
Apr 14
Replying to

I'm so glad you know that you're not alone!

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