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How To Manage The God-Ideas

I'll be the first to admit that nothing is more frustrating than God giving me this big idea and then leaving me to figure out the rest. While I would prefer that He give me the idea and the steps, that's different from how He operates.

In the past, I would abandon the ideas and not give them much thought because I wouldn't know the next step to take. Over the years, though, I've learned that the very ideas I would abandon were answers to the prayers I would pray for years later.

Sometimes, God gives us preventive ideas that precede the following season(s). In His all-knowing graciousness, He sees what's coming in the future, so He gives us strategy in the now so that the future event won't send us spiraling out of control. Yet, we have the legal right to either explore the ideas or let them fall to the ground. Unfortunately, many people do the latter.

Sometimes, God gives us ideas for now. For example, have you ever needed a financial miracle and prayed, but it felt like God didn't answer? What if He did answer but just not in the way you wanted? What if you prayed for money (product), but God gave you an idea (seed)? Of course, anyone in panic will naturally ignore an idea because it doesn't meet the current need, but what if that was God's solution for you? What if, in giving you an idea (seed), He was teaching you how to create and grow wealth? What if He doesn't want you miracle-dependent but wants you to become a mature adult? (Maturity in our eyes is not the same in God's).

Here's what I know: God's ideas only unfold once we start to explore them. While God might give you the initial thought, He waits for you to take the next step. Whether it be researching, writing, calling someone, or taking a course, Heaven waits to see if you will make the next move. If you decide to move, God will release the next step.

We can think of this in terms of walking. God is the right leg, and we are the left. The right leg (God) takes the first step, but if any progressive movement is going to happen, the left leg (us) has to take the next step. God might not make another move until you make yours.

Could your life be stagnant because you refuse to take the next step?


Yesterday, I did a live about how to strategically approach God-ideas and how I mismanaged one for years. Thankfully, I didn't abandon it because the idea is working for me now. If you want to hear the full story, check out the video.

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