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Dear Friend,

Happy Tuesday! A few days ago, I released a podcast on why it's so hard to obey God, and in the episode, I realized that being a believer will cost you everything. Now I know we have different levels in the faith, and folks are at various stages, but I need everyone to be aware that you'll pay.

Reflecting on my journey, I wonder if I would've given God my initial "yes" had I known what it would cost me. I wonder if I was sober in my decision to follow Him or just desperate for the pain of that season to cease. Whatever the case, a yes was given, and here I am, nine years later, still learning how to surrender. To keep sacrificing. To keep obeying.

Friend, following God will be the hardest thing you'll ever do if you walk this walk correctly. Several times in my life, I've heard people utter, "If this [insert whatever they were doing or struggling with] was God, then it wouldn't be this hard." I used to agree with that, but it's just not true. Who said that God wouldn't lead you the hard way? The scenic route?Who said that God's matchmaking process would mean ease? Who said that?

The Bible is littered with people who followed God into difficulty.

Consider Abraham, who God challenged to sacrifice his promised child.

Consider Hannah, who had to give God back her promised child.

Consider Moses, who had to give up his life to lead the Israelites.

Consider Jesus, who God drove into the wilderness to be tempted and was murdered for something He didn't do.

Consider Paul, who begged for the thorn to be removed, but God said no.

Consider Jacob, who wrestled with God but walked with a limp for the rest of his life.

Consider Noah, who had favor with God but still had to endure God's decision to destroy the earth.

I'm trying to get you to realize that following God neither means things will be easy nor does it mean you will have the life you dreamed of. God never promised you that you would have a soft life. Well, not the soft life in the way we like to think these days.

Following God will cost you everything.

Were you aware of this when you gave Him your life?

Are you aware of this now?

Where do you stand with your yes?

Check out the latest podcast episode here.


Don't forget about tonight's teaching!! See you soon.

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