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7 Reasons Why People Don't Study The Bible

Updated: Jan 12

Though It Can Save Their Lives

Dear Friend,

The Bible is probably one of the most controversial texts of our time. But, of course, this doesn't come as a surprise since it is a canon of historical documents, prophecies, letters, and songs, to name a few, written by over 15 people. Despite the controversy, the Bible remains essential in the Christian faith because it provides insight into God's Kingdom.

There are two ways that I like to look at the Bible: (1) As an ongoing story of a King and His family; (2) As the Kingdom of Heaven's constitution, which outlines the framework of our government, establishes our fundamental rights, and serves as the supreme law of the land.

Since we all have families and live in countries where we must be law-abiding citizens, why don't more people study their Bibles? I have a few thoughts...

Accessibility – People may not have access to the Bible or know how to obtain one

This might not be a significant issue in the West, but it is a problem in some parts of the world. Sometimes, people don't have access to or funds to purchase a physical Bible or are unaware of free versions online, assuming they have access to technology.

Language – People may not be familiar with the Bible's language, making it difficult to understand.

Lack of time – It can be difficult to make time for Bible study when life is busy.

Lack of knowledge – People may not understand the Bible or have the knowledge to interpret it.

Distractions – It can be hard to focus on Bible study when there are so many distractions around us.

Fear of criticism – People may be afraid of what others will think about them if they study the Bible.

Misunderstanding – People may have a misunderstanding of what the Bible teaches and how it can help in their lives.


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