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3 Reasons Why I Don't Have 2023 Goals

Updated: Jan 12

A New Perspective On Going With The Flow

At the top of every year, people generally flock to vision board parties, goal setting teachings, and even adopt the New Year, New Me mantra. Many are excited about the new year and its possibilities, but few count the cost of what it really takes to manifest the vision.

How much will you have to sacrifice?

Who do you have to become?

How selfless are you really prepared to be?

How is your discipline?

Without counting the cost, those excited in January fall off by March, and the gym goes back to normal. (If you're a gym regular, then you know what this means). So while there is a new year, there is not a new "me." In fact, the old me is still there, threatening to stagnate the future.

As we entered January 2023, I thought heavily about setting some impossible goals for myself, which is not uncommon. What is unusual is my lack of desire to do so. As an over-achiever and recovering control freak, I've decided to embrace my soft girl season fully, and it surprisingly started with giving my entire year to God.

I want to share with you three reasons why I don't have self-appointed goals for this year, and why you should reconsider yours.