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Dr. Briana Whiteside


Where Faith & Education Converge


Here's How I'm Able to Elevate Your Life

I help women find identity, and grow in their spiritual and personal lives.


I help women overcome limiting beliefs and live more fulfilled lives through my Woman of Royalty Mentoring Program (forthcoming)


I offer academic mentorship and consulting.


I assist Christian Academics in mastering their intersectional identity while simultaneously dominating secular and sacred spaces.


I provide one-on-one writing support services through my signature Writer's On-Demand Coaching program and 5-Week Writing Course.


I help aspiring authors publish books through my publishing house, Whiteside Publishing.

Hey You,Welcome!

I’m Dr. Briana Whiteside, and I want to officially welcome you to my world. I am passionate about destiny, helping people find their identity, and succeeding in academia. Perhaps you stumbled across my website by chance, and for that I am grateful. (Or, you saw one of my YouTube vids, Instagram photos, Tweets, or Facebook posts). Whichever way you got here, I’m excited about it and I hope you find something that will add substance to your life. 


So Tell Me, How May I Serve You?


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