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The Moment No One Wants to Come

I began laying the foundation for our monthly focus in last week's blog post, so I want to continue building on that thought.

When Jesus tells the parable of the shrewd manager, I find it fascinating that the rich man demands that the manager "give an account."

"'Give an account of your management, because you cannot be manager any longer.'" Luke 16:2

The manager had to know what was in his possession to give an account. This means he had to measure what he had against what was given.

Upon further study of what it means to give an account, we learn that account comes from the Greek word Logos, which means word. So we are learning that when the rich man trusted the manager with His possessions, He did so through a conversation and then manifestation.

If we look deeper into the significance of giving an account, we learn that it also means providing an "answer or explanation in reference to judgment." Remember in the last post when I shared that a causeless curse cannot land? This reminds us that the person bringing an accusation against the manager has legal grounds to do so. And, since this is the case, the rich man must legally bring forth judgment.

(Remember the spirit realm functions on rules and legalities)

However, what if the accuser brought forth the accusation that was found baseless? Remember, the rich man allowed the manager to debunk the charges against him. Unfortunately, he couldn't because he was a poor steward of the physical possessions and the word he received.

Before God trusts you with anything, He will give you a word. I did not say a prophecy, but He will speak directly to you. I will go as far as to say that He loaded you with instructions before you clocked into time.

What are you doing with those instructions He gave you? Are you spending time praying and not doing the accompanying action required of you?

You are a manager, which is why God gave you dominion to rule in the earth under Him. However, many people cast off that responsibility, thinking it will save them from hardship.

Yet, as we see in the parable, it does not.

In the parable, nothing saved the manager, and nothing will save you when God calls you to give an account of what you've been entrusted to steward over.

Respectfully, this is not the year to be playing, especially since your replacement is already ready.

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