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The Day My Mother Shared Her Heart w/Me

If you read Woman of Royalty, you may have noticed that my mother wrote the forward. Naturally, I was nervous when I asked her to read things she didn't know about me, but I believed she had the right to know.

It took courage for me to ask my mother to write the forward.

It took courage for her to write it and not ask questions.

We did it together as women who happened to be mother and child.

I want to give you an opportunity to read my mother's words for yourself. Warning: You might need some tissues.

"Who do you believe you are? What thoughts have crept into your heart? Did you know you are highly thought of? Are you aware that you are a precious jewel? Did you know that you are beautiful? Did you know that you are one of God’s greatest creations?

Have you allowed life to define who you are? Have you allowed society’s oppression to define you? Have you allowed the voids in your life to shape you? Have those voids caused you to run away from who you truly are? Was it abuse? Has it been those secrets that you hide in shame? What has caused you to run from reality?