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Steward Your Relationships Well

God promised that He’d make Abraham into a great nation, make his name great and cause him to be a blessing to others (Genesis 12:2). Since God is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34), I believe that the promise is for me as well.

God has promised to make ME (and YOU) into a great nation. Your nation could be your child(ren), a team of employees at work, family and friends, etc. People listen to you. People look to you for advice and valuable input. And God expects us to steward those relationships well.


Good stewardship is the careful management of something entrusted to one’s care.


Being in management implies that you work for a boss. The boss, or owner of the company, has a vision. She knows the culture that she wants. She also knows what she wants her company to look like and feel like to customers. She'll likely provide you with a job description that tells you how to execute her vision and manage her brand. It’s up to us as managers to make sure we execute the plan as seamlessly and flawlessly as possible.


We are to do the same thing in managing (stewarding) our relationships.


God has entrusted us with the care of His children in whatever capacity we are in. We need to speak to the company owner (God) for specific, detailed instructions to manage His brand. Think about a time when someone said, or did, just the right thing for you at just the right time. That was God (our company owner) using His management team to give His consumer (you) the inspiration that you needed to keep going.

Here’s the thing. Every person in your nation of influence has a different need. And to complicate matters even more, each of those needs differ depending on the day. Trying to be everything, for everyone, all the time isn’t the answer.

Instead, God wants us to come to Him. Read your bible and spend time in silence so you can hear Him clearly.

Congratulations!!! By accepting Jesus, you’ve been hired onto His management team. Now go get your job description and steward those relationships well.

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Mar 15

This was Good & on time 🙌🏼💜

Dr. Bri
Dr. Bri
2 days ago
Replying to

I'm so glad you found it useful.

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