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How to Contend for the Manifestation of God’s Promises

Recently, during a fast, the Lord instructed me to pray for my new season. Whereas I was relieved that the ‘ghetto’ wilderness season was over, I knew there was more to what appeared to be a simple instruction.

I have learned quickly that what seems ‘simple’ with the Lord is a call to go deeper and will require sacrifice.

We love to shout and receive prophecies, corporate words, and declarations by faith, BUT faith without works is dead (James 2:17-26). MORE IS REQUIRED OF YOU in terms of partnering with God to birth (see the manifestation of) the words on earth from the spiritual realm (1 Timothy 1:18).

In my case, partnership with God meant going on 12 days of intense prayer (James 5:17), fasting, and sacrificial sowing to birth my new season.

Listed below are 15 decrees and points of prayer that I found helpful during this time:

1. Every form of bareness (physical, spiritual, financial) is broken in the name of Jesus. The Lord has made me fruitful - Exodus 23: 26.

2. The Lord has made me vigorous, and nothing shall delay, hinder, or stop me from birthing the purpose and promises of the Lord– Exodus 1:19.

3. The Lord will cause me to deliver, I will not miscarry. I will see the manifestation of what is in my spiritual womb - Ecclesiastes 3:2, Isaiah 66:9.

4. I shall birth the Lord’s purposes and promises in my spiritual womb earlier than expected. I declare breakthrough is coming with ease before the pain comes upon me I shall have delivered- Isaiah 66:7.

5. I am birthing signs, wonders, and miracles because all things are possible with God, according to Matthew 19:26.

6. Because my trust is in the Lord, I will continually bear fruit and walk in abundance according to Jeremiah 17:7-8.

7. Instead of shame, I shall receive a double portion, I shall birth multiples, according to Isaiah 61:7.

8. I decree and declare that my new season is springing forth now, according to Isaiah 43:18-19.

9. I ask and claim the nations as my inheritance according to Psalms 2:8.

10. I speak to the dry areas in my life, hear the word of the Lord, you will come to life– Ezekiel 37:3-6.

11. I decree that the Lord is making strange, unusual ways and opening doors for me to step into my new season according to Exodus 14:21, Isaiah 43:18-19 & Acts 5:19.

12. I have asked by faith, and I shall receive my exceedingly abundant blessings, my labor shall not be in vain - Isaiah 65:23.

13. I decree and declare that I, my children, generations behind me, my bloodline are meant for signs and wonders according to Isaiah 8:18.

14. I declare that the schemes & counsel of the wicked one, opposition from territorial/demonic principalities that may attempt to hinder or block me from entering into my new season, shall not prosper according to Isaiah 54:17.

15. I declare that my prayers have been heard in heaven and angels have been released to wage war against any demonic principality that may try to hinder or oppose the move, plans, and purposes of God in my life – Daniel 10:10-14.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this season has a grace for birthing, especially during September.

Go back over words and promises God has spoken over your life. Put the Lord in remembrance of them according to Isaiah 43:26.

Spend time in the Lord’s presence and pray. PRAY THE WORDS THROUGH. Ask the Holy Spirit to pray through you (Romans 8:26-27). Get a community of intercessors as directed by the Lord who will help mid-wife you into your next (Matthew 18:19-20).



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