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Give Me A Man

From 1 Samuel 17, we see that Goliath presented an insurmountable problem to King Saul and the Israelite army as they battled with the Philistines at the valley of Elah.

He was arrogant because of his burly physique, heavy armor and reputation as the best soldier (champion) in the Philistine army.

Fear paralyzed Israel's army when Goliath dared them to ‘give him a man to fight him.’ No one stepped forward to face him. The result was he taunted and disgraced the army for 40 days and nights.

Then a young shepherd called David arrived on the battle scene. He rose to the occasion as Israel's champion.

Goliath represents those:

· negative patterns that have run rampant in your family and bloodline

· challenges or prolonged warfare that you’re facing

· opposition or mountains that seem to be blocking and hindering you from progressing or accessing your next season/level.

YOU are David because you have:

· answered the call to intercede on behalf of your family and bloodline

· said, 'Here I am, Lord. Send me to break negative generational patterns'

· committed to partnering with God to re-dig old wells, reclaim what was lost and change the entire trajectory of your bloodline.

Here are 3 powerful reminders as you step up to face Goliath:

1. Ignore the opinion of the naysayers

Now that you’ve availed yourself as the vessel God can use to deliver and break curses off your family, generation or bloodline, beware of the Eliabs and Sauls.

Eliabs are those who will be offended by your calling. They’ll take offense at your boldness and determination to address a problem that they’re unable to. They’ll even dismiss you in a bid to discourage you from pursuing the cause.

Sauls are those who appear to look out for your best interests. But if you heed their advice, you'll likely operate contrary to God's directions.

Be aware that it is dangerous to operate outside of God's instructions.

King Saul was reluctant to let David face Goliath because he was a young and inexperienced boy. It was on seeing David's resolute confidence - that the Lord’s Hand would rescue him from Goliath- that he allowed him to go forth as Israel's champion.

As you pursue the cause, you will face opposition, be it from jealous or well-meaning people.

Be resolute that your pursuit of the assignment from God is far more important than peoples' voices or opinions.

2. You're well equipped

Although King Saul was agreeable to David challenging Goliath, he wasn’t fully convinced that his 'shepherd skills' would secure Israel's victory. He gave David his tunic and armor but David took them off and resorted to using what he was used to- five smooth stones and his slingshot.

The previous battles you faced that were meant to take you out - the ones that no one knew about but you overcame- are what the Lord has used to prepare you to redeem your bloodline/generation.

Don't underestimate the power of the stones you have in your hand. The training and pour you have received from the Lord in the secret place and during the season of obscurity (as simple as they appear), are not to be underrated.

Step forward boldly because you’re well equipped with the anointing and every strategy that you'll need to war and successfully redeem your family and bloodline.

3. You are stepping forward in the name of Jehovah Sabaoth

Jehovah Sabaoth is the Lord of the armies of Israel, as those who are under the leadership and protection of Jehovah maintain his cause in war (Strong's Concordance).

Going into the battle against Goliath, David knew that he would overcome not by his might but by the Lord's help. He understood that Jehovah Sabaoth is more powerful than any carnal weapon.

As you wage war for the redemption of your family and bloodline, remember that you’re not facing these giants alone.

The Lord goes with you and He has never lost a battle.

YOU are the man. YOU are God's stone in the Spirit. YOU are the answer.

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