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Why Most People Fail At Money

Dear Friend,

Happy Hump Day! This morning I was reflecting on my financial journey with God. While it hasn't been an easy one, it has been a relatively quick one. In under five years, I went from having no fundamental financial knowledge to securing a hefty savings account, not by chance but by strategy.

I was just thinking about how imbalanced most believers are regarding money. While I believe we should give to churches, the poor, the widow, and the orphan, I rarely hear believers talk about money outside of that. Ultimately, some folks believe that if we only do those things, we will receive financial increase.

But how are your management skills?

Management is the moment when many people fall off the wagon. Yes, God will do His part, but many of us fail to do our parts to manage the increase well. If we are to go from glory to glory, then doesn't that mean we have to continuously update ourselves and our strategy to ensure that we can compete on our new level?

Updating myself and strategy were things I learned early on while trying to get my finances in order. I discovered that as God was blessing me, it was up to me to sustain the blessing, which is not easy. Maintaining the blessing takes discipline, grit, determination, and tenacity. It takes focus and flexibility. Essentially, it takes you being willing to do the hard thing and stick to it.

In a recent podcast, I spoke about how I managed to go from $10k in consumer debt and $1k in savings to $0 in consumer debt and roughly $65k across accounts (not including my retirement). I didn't take the elevator to get to this point because the stairs worked just fine.


Be sure to check out the latest podcast episode!

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