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The Battle in the Dream Realm

Dear Friend,

I don't know about you, but my dream life has been lit lately. By lit, I mean full of insight and revelation. For the entire month of June, I've been having dreams about me either fighting some unknown person, breaking evil altars, or demonic beings trying to cut covenants with me in my sleep. Now I don't want to spook you, but I need you to know that the battle carries on even when you're asleep, so you should not ignore your dreams.

Last night, I dreamed about a spirit trying to make a covenant with me in my sleep. In the dream, I knew the spirit was trying to infiltrate my life, and I denied him access. I think I said something like, "No, you can't do this. It's not right." The spirit then communicated back to me, "I don't care. Take it up to the Courts of Heaven; I'm just doing my job." Afterward, I woke up and knew just what to do.

What did I do?

I challenged the dream and prayed against it. Additionally, I took the spirit's advice and took the matter to God, the judge. Many people don't realize that the enemy and his minions are intelligent. We love to say they are stupid and unwise, but how many of your family members have they taken out? If they were genuinely dumb, would they have lasted in your lineage this long? Probably not. Therefore, treating them as intelligent beings who know more about your lineage than you might is important, which is why you need Holy Spirit.

Though I've been having these dreams all month, I'm not moved because God is letting me see the enemy's moves. If I know what he is planning, I can kill the plan before it gets off the ground. While I'm no stranger to war, this is an offensive strategy. God gives me the spiritual insight, and I cancel it. No struggle. No pain. Just God demonstrating that though I have an enemy, He will take care of me.

It's really lovely on this side of things.

I get the intel.

I execute.

I go back to resting in my Father's arms.

There is no toiling.

This is the soft life.


If you don't believe that covenants are cut in dreams, please read about Solomon in 1 Kings 3, where God appears to Solomon asking him about his desires, and they manifest in the natural. Alternatively, you can watch my YouTube teaching on Words, Traditions, and Covenants. I know the enemy tries to blind believers to the truth by whispering, "It's just a dream" or "Everything ain't that deep."

News flash: It's probably not just a dream, and things are likely that deep.

Pay attention to your dreams.

More soon,


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