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Tell What You're Building To Live

Dear Friend,

Newborns require special care and attention because they are highly vulnerable and dependent on their caregivers for their survival, and the same is true for what you're building. Just as a newborn cannot survive on its own and depends on the parent to fulfill its needs, you and what you're building must be dependent on God. Long story short, you cannot do this alone and shouldn't want to.

When I asked God what He wanted me to share with you today, Ezekiel 16:6 came to mind.

“When I passed by you and saw you squirming in your [newborn] blood, I said to you while you were there in your blood, ‘Live!’ Yes, I said to you while you were there in your blood, ‘Live!’ -Ezekiel 16:6

This Scripture is packed with multi-faceted revelation, but I'll just share a few with you.

#1: For the Newborn in Christ

If you are new to Christ, God sees you as a newborn, and that's great because that means He will take extra care to nurture you. Sometimes, when we've been walking with God for a while, we pretend to know so much about Him, but that's not true. (God is too big and vast for us even to begin to scratch the surface). In fact, He prefers that we depend entirely upon Him. He desires that we come to Him as children who are unknowing and need support. And in your newborn ways, He takes the lead as a parent to nurture you. In nurturing you, He shows you that He wants you to live.

#2: For the Newborn-level in Christ

If you've been following Christ for a while and have just graduated to a new level, this is for you. I know how scary it can be to learn that there's so much more to the faith than what you've learned for most of your life, but know that God led you here for a reason. Though you aren't a "baby Christian," you are a newborn on this new level and must act accordingly. When you tap into a new level in Christ, He takes extra care of you. He comforts and coddles you to help support your well-being and to ensure your safety. When He sees you struggling, He brings you closer and whispers, LIVE. You have what it takes to live on this new level. Don't allow the spirit of fear to punk you into living on a lower level. Instead, command yourself to live and adapt to this level.

#3: For The Newborn Builder

If God has called you to build anything, you are guaranteed to undergo the capacity-enlarging process. It's the stage where God has to stretch you to ensure that you can carry what He's called you to do. You might notice that you don't fit in when you are stretched. You'll realize that you can't do certain things, and your appetite has changed. It will be uncomfortable, and you might feel like you're losing a lot, and you are. You are shedding to gain. You cannot build with unnecessary weights holding you down. You won't be able to move as quickly as you need if you are still carrying things from the previous season; therefore, God has to strip you down to build you up. Yes, you're losing stuff on this level but think of the endless blessings awaiting you on the next level. Will you decide not to die here? Will you live? I know it's hard, but command yourself to live.

#4: For The Newborn Project

Your project, in its infancy, is at risk, which is why you must strategize with God first and then

guard the strategy with fervency. Just as you don't take a newborn baby around everyone, you must keep that same energy with your project. I'm not telling you to hide it, but I am telling you only to tell those who will speak life into what you're building. Don't tell your negative aunt about it because you might be discouraged. Don't tell social media about it because you might not get the applause you're silently seeking, and then you'll risk not moving forward with what God told you to do. If you've done the work to spend time with God to get the blueprint and told those who will support your efforts, then it's up to you to take the next steps. Protect your baby from unnecessary harm.

Friend, I need you to know that you're not reading this by happenstance. If you're participating in The 52-Day Builder's Challenge, you didn't join because you thought it would be fun. You have a destiny appointment with success and you must live to see it. What you're building has to live even if it's on life support. What God told you has to come to pass. You must live to see it happen.

Command yourself to live.

Command your marriage to live.

Command your project to live.

Command what you're building to live.

Command your family to live.

Command everything around you to live.

I don't care what it looks like now. Speak to everything around you and command them to live and not die.

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