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How to Be Successful

Dear Friend,

Happy Monday! If you're reading this post, it must mean that you want to be successful on this side of heaven, and I totally get that. Unfortunately, many believers, for one reason or another, don't believe that we can love Jesus and also be successful. As a result, some have cast off their responsibility and adopted spiritual bypassing practices, which stagnate their lives and the Kingdom. Anywho, the Kingdom must advance, and we must do our part; our part is simply obeying.

Now I talk a lot about obedience, but I don't say as much about what fuels it. Do you know what fuels your obedience to Christ? Discipline.

I know, I know, we don't like that word because one of the definitions of the word is punishment, but how else do you expect to become great?

Every great person that I've studied has had discipline in common, even Jesus. They disciplined their appetites, spending, sleep schedules, etc. Essentially, they did the hard things when others might have been enjoying their lives. However, on the other side of their discipline, they found the freedom to build the life they wanted, and so will you.

Discipline will help you break generational curses. Discipline will help you become wealthy. Discipline will help your walk with Christ. Discipline is your friend.

What if we thought about discipline not as describing something we can't do but as something we can? What if we looked at it as our ticket out of our metaphorical hood and into the suburbs of our destiny? What if discipline is not a bad thing?

I've done that to help me be "successful" over the years. I disciplined myself to create systems and structures that produce wealth and health. It wasn't easy when I first started, but now it's just my way of life. I don't think about 85% of the things I do daily because my life is on autopilot because of the habits I have practiced over the years.

I guess I'm trying to tell you that there is always a better way of living, but you just have to get there, and if you want to do anything significant in this world, you have to go against the grain. The culture tells you not to discipline yourself, but what does God say? He is clear in His word and in His chastisement of you.

Will you listen and become successful?

If you missed my latest podcast, I want you to check it out on YouTube and share it with a friend.

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