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He Makes the Seed Grow

Recently the Lord talked to me about starting a podcast. I was a bit anxious because I don’t have all the fancy equipment to produce the perfect first episode.

The Holy Spirit gently nudged me to use my phone and start. He reminded me of Zechariah 4: 10 - Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand”.

Begin the work.

Write your first blog post. It doesn’t have to be lengthy. Sometimes the Holy Spirit doesn’t need to belabor the point.

Share that delicious recipe, fitness video, travel video, farming innovation etc. The photos for social media don’t need to be perfect.

Record that podcast or start that YouTube channel. Share your testimony. Say what the Lord has instructed you to.

Organize and host that event even if you don’t have 1,000 participants sign up in the first instance.

Write the curriculum and teach that class or webinar, even if it is just you and the Holy Spirit as the first audience.

Post that reel or story even if it doesn’t go viral immediately or get a lot of likes or views.

Write the book even if it doesn’t become a best seller immediately.

Create that app or NFT.

Start the business and offer the best service to that one client you have so far.

Take up the extra class(es) and course(s) and learn as much as possible before becoming that person of influence.

Trust and obey the Lord’s instructions as you start to implement the blueprint.

The small seed will eventually become a big tree that will bear good fruit in due season.

God makes the seed grow.

1+1 =2.

God +1 = Supernatural endless possibilities.

Matthew 19:26- With God all things are possible.

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