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God Disappointed Me and Now I Don't Trust Him

Dear Friend,

This is a thought-provoking question, but I'll ask it anyway. Have you ever considered if you need to forgive God? I encourage you to reflect on this, as it could be a significant step in your spiritual journey.

Think back to a time when you had high hopes for something, but it didn't pan out the way you expected. Maybe you were hoping for a romantic relationship, but you're still single. Or perhaps you were praying for a loved one's recovery, but they passed away. These are the moments that can leave us feeling disappointed and questioning God's plan.

I'll ask you again: Do you need to forgive God for what you thought He would do?

I'll be honest: I've had several of those seasons and walked away from them with bitterness in my heart toward Him. I'm the type of person who takes people at their word. If you tell me you're going to do something, I'm counting on you. However, I don't take it lightly when you go back on your word without communicating. I share this not to make you feel alone in your struggles, but to let you know that I understand.

When we experience disappointment, especially with God, it can be life-changing. Of course, we are encouraged to have faith, but what happens when that faith turns on you? What happens when you're faced with the tension of not getting your way? What happens when you begin to waver in your faith, and that wavering opens the door for you to no longer trust God and to leave Him?

I know we're talking about transitions this month, but you can't transition into the next phase that God has for you if you no longer trust Him. You can't walk by faith if you don't believe that He has your back anymore. This is what disappointment does to you; it destabilizes you, encourages you to stay stuck and stagnant, and forces you into false submission.

So I ask you again: Do you need to forgive God for anything?

If you do, I want you to unpack the hurt and navigate into the next phase of your life. I want you to purpose to be who He created you to be and transition well.

You can only transition successfully if you're free to do so.

God is waiting to hear from you today!

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