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Do You Have the Courage to Follow?

Dear Friend,

Recently, I was talking to a friend about what I sense God is leading me to do. Of course, to obey, I have to give up something else, which is a wwwhhhooollleee nother story.

Anywho, this friend said 6 words to me that stopped me in my tracks.

He said, "that takes a lot of courage."

Who would've known that six words would shut me up for a few minutes???

It's not that I wasn't aware that what God was demanding of me would cost me because I'm well aware. It was that, for the first time in a while, someone articulated what it would take for me to obey God.

For you to obey.




It takes courage to follow God; He knows that because He tells us to be courageous in the Bible. A lot.

I did a keyword study on courage and was shocked that some Hebrew definitions were "strong, support, repair, restore, and prevail."

Embedded in the very nature of the word, God reveals that He is making you a repairer of the breach.

So when He tells you to be courageous, He is telling you that He is using you to restore lost things. He is using you to repair the damages. He is using you to support what's next.

Most importantly, He is ensuring that you will prevail.

Do you know what prevail means? Here are a few definitions:

"to gain ascendancy through strength or superiority"

"to predominate," which means "to hold advantage in numbers and quantity"

"to exert controlling power or influence"

"to dominate"

So when God is telling you to be courageous, He's not merely encouraging you. He's demanding that you dominate because you are superior to whatever it is you're facing.

You are superior.

You are superior.

You are superior.

Now act like it and be courageous!


Did you miss the latest podcast episode??? If so, check it out.

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