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Short Story:

The Writing Party is more than just a writing space, it is a place where people thrive. If you have to complete any assignment and need a bit of healing and accountability then this space is for you. 

God's Challenges to Me:

In 2020, God challenged me to write 12 ebooks (one for every month) and I did it. Was it hard, absolutely! Did I want to skip a month? No doubt. 

What kept (keeps) me motivated?

1. I take God-ideas seriously.

2. I take myself seriously.

3. I believe in the impossible, and His challenges seem impossible.

Fast forward...

I was in bed minding my business and I heard God issue another challenge. I tried to ignore it at first, but it was too clear to ignore.


It is time to write another book.

Since I'll be obeying God, I thought I'd extend an invitation to share my writing space. If you need to complete any assignment (e.g. book, academic project, poetry, essay, recording, strategy session, etc.), then feel free to join me on December 4, 2021 at 9am, PST.

Let’s Finish Together

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