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W.O.R Hour

Program Overview:

For far too long, women have settled for the status quo, lived beneath their rightful inheritance, and failed to live purpose-filled lives. As a result, we have devalued ourselves in the eyes of God and men.

We are currently in a time where God is shining light on women. Long story short, He is moving the ladies from the back to the front, so we must ensure that we are prepared and operating from a place of identity in Him.


Yet, when we understand the intricacies of our identity as women, we stop settling in life, gain the courage to believe in ourselves, and muster the strength to dominate in our respective arenas. 


If you’re tired of the mundane and are ready to elevate in life, then I encourage you to book a virtual 1-hr one-on-one coaching WOR Hour directly with Dr. Bri.

1-Hr Session Topics:

Identity Work:

It is true that having a strong sense of yourself and your values can be incredibly helpful when making decisions. Knowing who you are can help you to know what is important to you and what kind of outcomes you want to strive for. It can also help you to make decisions based on your own personal values and beliefs, rather than those of other people.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs:

Challenging one's belief systems can be a difficult but very rewarding experience. It can be helpful to take a step back and view your beliefs from an objective perspective. It's important to think about why you believe what you do, and if there is any evidence to back it up. 
Build Systems and Structures:
Life systems and structures are important because they provide the basic infrastructure for our lives, and help maintain balance. They also help enable us to thrive and evolve. Having structure in life can also help reduce stress by providing a sense of security and safety. Without life systems, you're basically guessing at what comes next.

Heart to Heart Empowerment:

Empowerment is an important part of helping women achieve in a more equitable and just society. By giving women the tools and resources to reach their full potential, we can create more inclusive economic and social systems, and increase the overall quality of life for everyone.
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I'm Ready To Elevate In Life

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Order Your Copy of Woman of Royalty

When we are young, we want to be princesses. When we are older, we want to be Queens. However, only some women know what it means to sit on a throne. As a result, many are unprepared to rule effectively, whether it is the throne of their lives, families, jobs, or relationships. 


Using her life’s journey and the biblical story of Esther, Briana guides women through 10 essential stages of identity discovery, and awareness that will assist the modern-day woman in becoming a Woman of Royalty.


Women do not fight in wars, but they W.O.R from a place of authority. 

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Reader Reviews

“Esther is one of my favorite books in the Bible, so I really appreciated your exegesis of that text as well as your tying of its chronology and progression to your own growth in and commitment to a spiritual life. Obedience is indeed hard, and it is to your credit that you found the will and the humbleness to submit to what you heard the voice of God commanding you to do.  I admire the research you did to complete the work, and I especially admire your knowledge of the Bible.” -T.H

“The author has taken women on a journey from childhood to adult. She has managed to grasp what happens to an individual once life happens. The good the bad and the ugly.”   -L.W

“Inspiring and powerful book!  It's full of insight, examples of life experiences and spiritually based. One will learn about self-love, discipline, commitment and most importantly faith. You will definitely reflect on your life, evaluate it and make changes so you too can Rule from A Place Of Authority.” -V.T

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Here's Where I Started, But Not Where I Stopped...

"I cried this morning. Not because anyone had directly done something to me but because I feel lost.” –October 23, 2015

"Sometimes I wonder why God chose me to do what he will have me to do; I am the least qualified.” –December 16, 2015

...You Don't Have To Stop Either 

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