Woman of Royalty is a spiritual resource that teaches women about identity. For too long, women have measured themselves by romantic relationships, friendships, careers, and/or their absence. And, as a result, we have devalued ourselves in the eyes of God and man. However, it is understanding the intricacies of our identity as women that will help us stop settling in life, gain the courage to believe in ourselves, and muster the strength to leave toxic relationships. Knowing who we are comes with great responsibility though, which is why many refuse to live up to our true selves. If you’re tired of the mundane and interested in living a life that is above your current circumstance, then I encourage you to journey with me. It is time that we stop claiming a Queen’s title and dropping the responsibility.

Learn how to find your identity in a practical sense

(It's time for you to stop SETTLING and take your place as ROYALTY)

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It’s a shame that I strayed away from God, but I was determined to stay with him.”—June 29, 2012


“The author has taken women on a journey from childhood to adult. She has managed to grasp what happens to an individual once life happens. The good the bad and the ugly.”       -LATICE

“Inspiring and powerful book!  It's full of insight, examples of life experiences and spiritually based. One will learn about self-love, discipline, commitment and most importantly faith. You will definitely reflect on your life, evaluate it and make changes so you too can Rule from A Place Of Authority.”-VALDA

“Esther is one of my favorite books in the Bible, so I really appreciated your exegesis of that text as well as your tying of its chronology and progression to your own growth in and commitment to a spiritual life. Obedience is indeed hard, and it is to your credit that you found the will and the humbleness to submit to what you heard the voice of God commanding you to do.  I admire the research you did to complete the work, and I especially admire your knowledge of the Bible.” -TRUDIER




The worst part about not knowing who you are is that others will teach you that you need to find your identity but they won't be able to tell you how. No worries, I'll tell you in 10 steps.


In Woman of Royalty, Briana uses the biblical life of Esther to teach women how to find their identity in Christ. In order to find your identity, Briana explains that you have to understand far more than where you are currently. It requires that you discover familial consistencies that travel through your lineage, who God has called you, the responsibility of authority as well as the importance of your beautification season. Briana is candid about her identity crisis and where the lack of understanding eventually lead her.

With clarity and compassion, Briana will help you:

  • Learn how to take the steps of uncovering your future self

  • Identify the familial consistencies that travel through your bloodline

  • Understand what beauty really means from a biblical sense

  • Take the steps to find your voice

  • Begin to live authentically 

“I’m just lost right now; seeking God and somehow hoping that I will somehow make it through.” –October 17, 2012

I cried this morning. Not because anyone had directly done something to me but because I feel lost.” –October 23, 2015

Sometimes I wonder why God chose me to do what he will have me to do; I am the least qualified.” –December 16, 2015

Lately people have been commenting on my beauty. I am always shocked”—August 14, 2016


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