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You're Closer Than You Think

Dear Friend,

Happy Hump day and welcome to May.

When I turned my camera on to teach for The Builder's Challenge yesterday, I had nothing to say. In fact, I had nothing to say until I started to speak. Sometimes it's like that with God. There are moments when you know just what to do, and then there are times when you don't know what to do until it's time. Yesterday was one of those latter times.

When I opened my mouth, though, I spoke 5 words that brought tears to my eyes.

You. Are. Closer. Than. You. Think.

Now this was not a hype message because, if I'm honest, I feel far away from particular desires of mine. However, these are the words that I believe Holy Spirit spoke directly to me and you. We are closer than we know. While it may not look that way in the natural, it is so in the spirit.

One thing I know about life is that it can slap the taste out of your mouth, so this will be hard to receive for many. Heck, it's hard for me to receive, too, but whose report will we believe?

At this point, we are three short weeks away from completing the challenge. Are you going to finish, or will you stop here--in the in-between place?

Go back and revisit your "why" for a second. Why did you decide to do the challenge? Why did you choose to follow God? Why did you decide to believe that more was for you? Remember your "why," especially in this season.

This is not the time to stop.

Keep going.

While I'm not telling you to finish strong, I am telling you to finish.

(Sometimes winning looks like Rocky)

You. Are. Closer. Than. You. Think.

You. Are. Closer. Than. You. Think.

You. Are. Closer. Than. You. Think.

I'm rooting for you!

God is rooting for you!

Heaven is rooting for you!


If you missed yesterday's teaching, check it out now!

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