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What To Do When You Want to Be A Blessing But You Need One

Hey friend,

I know what it's like for a family member or close friend who is experiencing an emergency to call for help, but there is nothing you can do to help them. If I'm honest, that's happened to me more than I'd like to admit, and each time it made me feel pretty crappy.

Nothing is worse than not being able to help those you love; trust me, I get it. You might feel worthless because you couldn't help. You might also feel embarrassed because you may sense that you should be in a better place financially.

But what are you willing to do about it?

Are you willing to step outside of your comfort zone?

Are you willing to partner with God and try His strategy for you?

To never be in a situation where you cannot help out a loved one again, you have to make the conscious decision to brave the unknown. I mean that you must get over yourself long enough to try something new.

Back in 2019, when I decided to get my finances in order, I knew I'd have to change how I lived. That meant that I had to confront my people-pleasing. I had to say "no" to say "yes" later. I had to learn how to budget. Finally, I had to learn how to invest in the stock and crypto markets.

While all that was difficult, the most challenging part was learning how to use my talents to generate active and passive revenue. It wasn't that I didn't know what I was good at; I didn't believe in myself enough to leap.


You're reading this because I leaped, and you can, too! My friends and family members will never have to worry about me not being able to help them again, and I will never have to experience not being able to be a blessing.

Friends, you're more than capable of doing what is required of you now.

Trust me; it's much nicer on this side of 6-figures than on the other.


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