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Something IS Happening

The other day as I was getting ready, I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror.

See, I’ve been following a new exercise routine after many months of inactivity. For the last 2.5 months, 4 times a week, I’ve been showing up consistently and faithfully, even when I didn’t feel like it many times.

Of course, I wasn’t expecting a 6 pack immediately, but I had hoped for more than what I saw that morning, especially after putting in the work.

Before I had an opportunity to wallow, the Holy Spirit gently but firmly reminded me that even though I did not see any visible changes in my outward appearance- beneath all that seemed to confirm that nothing had changed--there were some more subtle wins:

… my sister commenting that she could see an actual difference

… I’m stronger than I’ve been in a long time

… I’ve more than enough energy to go through the day

… the shoulder aches and random pains are now non-existent

… clothes now have a better fit

What a powerful prompt that although the external picture may be showing you loudly that nothing is happening, beneath the surface –on the interior- tangible changes are taking shape.

So it is with our walk of faith. You’ve fully committed your life to the Father, but things appear not to be going as planned. In fact, it looks like a whirlwind has overtaken you: you’ve lost your job, your family thinks you’re nuts, that relationship you were so sure about has fallen through the cracks, and so on and so forth.

On the outside, nothing seems to be working right.

What if, by taking inventory of the landscape of your life, you realize that the change is actually happening within you?

… maybe, you’ve reorganized your days, and you now spend a lot more time studying the Word so that you can properly apply it in your everyday.

… perhaps now you’re more at peace because all the relationships that weren’t working out (anyway) have fizzled out.