"Studies have shown that graduate students are six times more likely to experience depression and anxiety. I know this to be true because I was once a sufferer."


Studies have shown that graduate students are six times more likely to experience mental health issues in the area of depression and anxiety. I know this to be true because I was once a sufferer. I was sitting in a college classroom when I realized that I was in trouble. Honestly, I didn’t know enough and I didn’t have the best perception of myself. As a result of being conditionally admitted into the PhD program as well as struggling long with identity issues, I hit a wall and I was sliding down fast. This added to the mental strain that higher education already imposes on its members. However, through much intentional work, I graduated as the top performing graduate student in my department and successfully restored back to balance what was lost as a result of the process. That’s why I created this tool.

Use this page as a resource! 

It is designed with graduate students in mind but professors can use it as well, and hopefully it works to encourage, inspire, and provide applicable strategies for navigating through the dangerous terrains of higher education. Ultimately, I give you the tools that I used to become successful while not losing myself in the process. And, as I continue to learn, I will share more insights with you.


Far too often, I hear graduate students talk about the unfair treatment to which they are subjected. I, too was once among them uttering similar complaints, which is why I’m sympathetic to the struggle. This resource is intended to help YOU finish graduate school. It should not replace the guidance from anyone you are working directly under, but should add to your experience. Think of me as your mentor at a distance. If you’ve ever wanted to ask someone a question but felt that they might judge you based on its nature, I got you. This is a judgment FREE zone and I’m here to help.   

“The seams can’t show”

          –Toni Morrison 

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Seamless Devotional

You drift slowly at first, but then you notice that you’ve landed in a place of uncertainty where you are literally drowning in your own thoughts. Your walk with God can become strained while in grad school. So many people struggle to find the balance 


In Grad school, I:

  • Published 2 articles in refereed journals

  • Co-authored 1 book chapter

  • Penned 2 main essays for an encyclopedia

  • Was featured on the Huffington Post

  • Was featured on NPR

  • Was the recipient of 6 awards

  • Presented at 8 national and international academic conferences

  • Presented at 4 regional and special topics conferences

  • Presented at 2 graduate student conferences

  • Taught in both maximum and medium security prisons

  • Taught 7 college level courses

  • Had given a mixture of 7 guest lectures and interviews 

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“As former grad student who struggled and strayed further from God as I was defining who I am as a man, I know how important your work is.” –MJ